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Sunday, July 14th, 2013
4:00 am
Since written therapy seems to be working for me recently, this seems as good as venue as any to write in.

So, this night taught me a lot, huh? Christ.... this whole week.

But let's start with tonight. Tonight was freshest, I can get to the other stuff in due time (and it all relates anyway).

So, in my mind, until this point, Silvana had been a possibility for 'something more'. Load of crap really. Man I spend a lot of time in my own head. I hope here fixes this somewhat, venting in a written form as always been my outlet. Talking with Em late at night on facebook has helped surprisingly, this stuff doesn't need another person to chime mid-vent though. This stuff is just me dealing.

Good to see the rambling hasn't changed. In chat. In text message. Email. (oh christ, it might've been the death of me in email, but I'll get to that)

So: Silvana.

Here's the thing, and this is a recurring theme that I really need to pay attention to, hope with Silvana happened because somebody else encouraged the thought 'you totally should you'd be really good together'. So on some level there's this girl, who friends have at least the encouraged the thought of, but they have just encouraged the thought to me. I think Alyce still might be somewhat encouraging it. Fuck knows why. That wouldn't have been my reaction 12 hours ago. But things change in that amount of time.

And I feel so stupid for various thought processes in retrospect. The first being that I should sit near Silvana in case there's a chance she might be interested in something more (oh dear god, I feel pathetic even writing that!), the second being that because we got a long had so much in common and all that crap meant something. I feel so lame looking back with clear vision in retrospect.

And the funniest part? The funniest part is.... seven months ago Alyce and Stu (which was the f-ing mind bend) and every other female remotely involved tore me a new one for not wanting to a girl I'd been set up on a blind date with because she was unattractive. Stu claimed (though, I've never heard him talk about this before or since) that he'd meet girls he didn't find attractive and known them on an emotional level then found them attractive, and don't get me wrong, I agree that can happen, it's just in THAT particular situation I was having the argument in I didn't think it applied because I was being set up on a date with the girl.

Ah, a date. I really hope Wednesday pans out.

Anyway, so it's about halfway through and there's a turning point in conversation where the speed dating thing comes up and I pause ever so briefly realising (or at least, that's what I thought at the time), that ... I'm tired, I'm saving this and going to bed. To be continued.
Sunday, August 1st, 2010
5:31 pm
Car shopping
ME: Hey, look I know this a long shot but I see that you noted you need to sell it this weekend, and I only have $2200 to my name is there any chance you'd accept that? Cause I know you're asking $3000?

SELLER: No, unfortunately the best we could do is $2900

ME: Like I said, I only have $2200 to my name. By that I mean, if I give that whole amount I'm not sure how I'm paying for food for a couple of days.

SELLER: Sorry, we couldn't go any lower than $2800.

ME: Okay, I'm seriously not trying to bargain here. I only have $2200. It's not a tactic. That is all that money that I have.

SELLER: Okay, well if you happen to get more money later today give me a call.


Seriously, some people get so stuck in their reality they can't get out.
Wednesday, April 7th, 2010
1:21 pm
Behind the Bell
I'm on leave from work for a month, so after reading "Behind The Bell" I thought it warranted somewhat of a review...

Written By Dustin Diamond (Screech, from Saved By The Bell) The book is probably the first tell-all I've actually read. UnSweetined (Jodie Sweetin), Here's The Story (Maureen Mccormick), and Stori Telling (Tori Spelling) were more frank autobiographies, they didn't tend to dish the dirt on their co-stars or bad mouth anyone really. Though, Tori Spelling wasn't too fond of her mother or Shannan Doherty. But Dustin Diamond, he brings to a whole new level....

The guy seems to hate everyone. The only co-star who seemed to get away relatively unscathed is Dennis Haskins (who played Mr Belding, the principal), and I say "relatively unscathed" because he even still briefly bitches about him. He spends 98% of the book bitterly bitching about Mark-Paul (Zack Morris) only spend a small portion saying how he became a better person in later years.

Not even his own family is free from his wrath. He talks at length at about his family was better than other parentals on set (making specific note that he HAD to have a parent on set at all times because he was underage), he mentions that even though his mother worked he was the bread winner for the family, only to do a 180 at the last moment and talk about how his family wasted all of his money and now he doesn't talk to them anymore. I mean, seriously? He mentions numerous times that they were poor, didn't have a lot of money and that he was basically there SOLE SOURCE OF INCOME and yet he is SURPRISED and ANGERED when there's no money left he becomes an adult? Wtf?

He makes a pointed effort in the closing chapter to discuss his antics on the reality show "Celebrity Fit Club" in which he was portrayed as antagonistic jerk, he mentions that it was all staged, and "reality" shows have far less "reality" than subjects are lead to believe. This holds some merit, but it is jaded by the fact he has spent the last 300 pages making himself look like a complete jerk. So sure, the "Celebrity Fit Club" villain type character of Dustin Diamond may not have been the real Dustin Diamond, but the role was no doubt easier to play because it wasn't that far of a stretch.

That being said though, I found it an interesting enough read to read the majority of it in a couple of sittings. Nowhere near as good as Unsweetined. But not entirely bad. He swears a lot, refers to well know people as sluts and douchenozzles and spends FAR too much time bragging about his sexual exploits. (And it's totally "guy talking to his friends" bragging, not a detailed well paced version of events). I'd give it a read if you get the chance.... just be prepared. The guys a do*che.
Monday, January 11th, 2010
7:39 pm
And here are...
Well, this post was going to be about something else entirely, but since I don't think I'm ready to write about that yet, I found something much more humourous to write about:

1. Became a marriage celebrant, and finally am registered with Attorney-General's department. If you know anyone getting married, I'm your guy.

2. Having been registered for less than two weeks, on Sunday afternoon I got a phone call from a guy enquiring about whether I was available to marry him next month, being caught off guard and completely hung over, while also being distracted as I helped Stu pack up from Alyce's 21st. I told him I was pre-occupied at the moment but I would contact him the following day. (Today)
Now, two thoughts came to mind:

A. It's kinda weird they'd contact me so close to getting married (you have to sign documents at least one month and one day before the wedding)

B. It's also kinda weird that they'd contact me. I haven't advertised anywhere, I've only been registered a matter of days. Which means he picked my name from a list on the attorney-general's website. My surname's Smith. I'm not the top of the list.

C. Not sure if I'd have all documents and pa system ready in time to marry them next month.

With all this mind, I fretted over this and something else all day. (The something else is for another journal entry) Finally calling him tonight I got this response:

"Sorry about this. Change of plans. She kind of said no."

Probably more funny than it should've been.
Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
10:37 pm
Now this feels like christmas time....
Counselling the girl I have feelings for on her asking out her "best-friend-who-she-wants-be-more-than-friends".


Oddly, I can see the comedy in this. Just another day in the life of Liam.


On an unrelated note - I was getting a can of pepsi from the drinks machine at work this morning and the bastard dropped out, punctured on the side, and then sprayed pepsi all over from me.
Saturday, April 11th, 2009
2:46 am
So after watching the episode of Lost where Sawyer comments on Churchill's idea of reading a book everyday to keep his mind active, I decided to use the fast majority of free time I have to watch a movie a day, in part cause I've got pile of movies I keep saying I'll get round to watching and never do.

I've had some for years now.

The Fountain.

Holy fracking buddha.... someone decided to make a film a little to artsy. And the description actually defined the film with a plot that was in no way apparent to what this film was!

I guess that's make my big issue with a lot of artsy film. I've seen too many where the director insists that the plot is "whatever you interpret it as" not what the director had in my mind.

Bad. Just bad.

No wonder it was a Hugh Jackman film that got very little press.

Liam grades it: D


Choke was a breath of fresh air. Funny, quirky, quality stuff. I really should read all of Palahniuk's books. I read Fight Club as a book before seeing the film and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Highly recommeneded.

Liam grades it: A+

Butterfly Effect: Revelations

Yeah, I know what you're thinking: another straight to dvd sequel where, other than a similar concept, has nothing to do with the original. But if "White Noise: The Light" taught us anything it's that sometimes, not often, but sometimes the film can surpass not only all expectations but the the original film itself.

This was surprisingly good. Nice who dunnit, trying to find out who the killer is, good concept. Well done.

Liam grades it: B+

Underworld: Rise of The Lycans

I know I'm already going up against people's taste films when I say I highly enjoyed the first two films, so when I say this one not lives up to its predecessors but gives insight into seeming consequential characters from the first film.

I'd even go as far to say, another than the last line that anybody who hasn't seen the rest of the underworld series will be perfectly fine to watch this film.

Liam grades it: B

Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants 2

Yes, I watched it. For the life of me I can't figure out why, but I did watch it. I wouldn't recommend any living breathing male to watch this film. I'd even ward off females. I mean, was it really necessary? Didn't we say all we needed to see about chicks in jeans with the first film?

Never having read the books, I didn't find out it was actually based on the fourth book in the series till having watched it. In retrospect it makes sense. There seems to be sporadic character development between films, things changing, you don't seem to care about these characters as much as you should. It feels as though it's the fourth film in the series when in fact it's only the second.

Liam grades it: C

Bride Wars

Kate Hudson is hot. Anne Hathaway is hot. The plot of the movie is weak. The funny bits were on the previews. And I feel less of a man for having sat through it.

Liam grades it: D
Sunday, February 8th, 2009
1:54 am
Who's Your Daddy?
My buddy Owen, I don't think I've talked about him here, has a story that I've wanted to write a book about since the year which it all began. He seems pretty adamant against the whole book concept though.

It's only in recent years that he has found the entire situation has humourous sides to it, like just the other day when he mentioned ancedote of his tale to me:

So I call up this one girl, she lived a little town in Idaho.... like most of the others she didn't take it so well. Since not one of them had been happy to hear from me when I made contact, I was getting used to it.

She abused me for telling her I was sterile. She cried, I cried. I told her I was sorry, and that if she wanted I'd fly out as soon as I could afford it, and meet my child. I also told her the amount of child support that I was paying at even given time may put a stop to that, but I'd do everything in my power to help out.

Finally, after an almost three hour long INTERNATIONAL phone call, when things were FINALLY looking like the phone call may not have been total disaster did I happen to mention one piece of information that turned a three hour long phone into a five hour long phone call.

OWEN: Uh.... this is probably going to make you hate even more.... but our daughter can't EVER get together with the boy next door.

LADY(name omitted for obvious reasons): What is it now?

OWEN: Well the boy next door is actually her half brother.

And so is another story in a long line of stories of young Owen.

When Owen was just a boy the age of three he caught a case of the mumps which almost killed me. Luckily modern medicine saved him at one cost, that he was told repeatedly throughout his life: he was sterile.

Many years later when Owen finished school he became a journeyman, much like my old housemate Canada, he would travel from country to country, generally with only the clothes in his backpack, staying in various towns for anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. He had a lot of sex, a list that any single sexually active bachelor would be proud of. Rarely used protection because after all - he couldn't get a girl pregnant, he'd been told he was sterile his whole life. He did manage to pick up the clap twice.

Owen did this for almost 12 years. Eventually finding his way back to Australia and settling down with a nice girl. A few months into the relationship the unthinkable happened: the first girl with whom he'd had a serious relationship with suddenly fell pregnant. He left her, she fought for him, begged him to believe her - she had never slept with another man.

But Owen was firm, as people often are about things they'd been told their whole life, he was sterile, so there's no single possible way the baby could be his.

Owen's girlfriend felt she had no other option. Despite the protests of doctors she insisted on having a DNA test done while the child was still in the womb. A reluctant Owen agreed, possibly only because he was so certain that he wouldn't be a match. The good news is the that baby was eventually born happy and healthy, the odd news was that Owen was the father.

So Owen looked into his own medical history. Eventually finding that almost thirty years earlier he had been misdiagnosed. Yes, he had the mumps, but they hadn't made him sterile. Apparently they hadn't even drastically lowered his sperm count.

It now dawned on Owen the potentially bad past he left in his wake. Using often very vague information, a journal he'd kept of all his travels and various other conquests, and what soon become the last remaining pieces of his savings, he travelled the world, and made numerous contact via phone calls, trying, often in vain, to track down every girl he'd every slept with.

The ex-journeyman/manwhore's journey began well. Girls who were highly unimpressed to hear from him but happily told him not they were not pregnant, nor had their been any major consequences having with a man who was most-certainly-not-sterile.

Then, on his first phone call to place outside of the country the first shock hit. The girl had fallen pregnant, and decided to keep it. In the space of a week Owen's mindset had gone from that of a man who was certain of his sterilization to a father of two.

And for Owen, that was just the beginning.

I can't go into major details about his following journey, hopefully someday in attempt to pay off the monstrous amounts of child support payments he must now pay he'll let me write it. Or he'll write it himself.

I will tell the Cliff Notes version though. Which is what I tell my friends.
When Owen had eventually "finished" his journey the first time around he discovered that he fathered a total of 17 children. Not one of the mothers were happy to hear from him, many of them initially didn't believe his tale. (Despite Owen's many proclamations of "No, seriously, I DIDN'T KNOW")

As the years went by Owen's past caught to him. Sometimes because he was looking, sometimes because it was looking for him. At current date Owen's total count of children fathered by himself is up to 23.

Owen assures me that he's beginning to think the number will remain there, but there is always a level of uncertainty, no doubt formed from having a more than active sex life for a long period of time.

Now Owen spends his days in a high paying job, but does not live an expensive life as he a lot of his earnings go towards as much child support payment as he can afford.

Only now, years after the revelation, is Owen beginning to see the humourous side of it.
Friday, December 12th, 2008
12:39 am
Well, I'll be damned. Almost four months of posting a review of the book "Lost In Oz" seems one of Mr Dudley's friends stumbled across this livejournal and felt they had to comment the following:

I actually have read both Lost in Oz books and I find them to be a breath of fresh air. How daring I think the author is to write in the first person, how intriguingly original the story is, lets face it, Oz writing has been dead for years, give the kid some credit.

I actually looked into the numbers and found that Lost in Oz (the first book) has sold somewhere over the 50,000 mark, and through other vendors, distributors and printers there's atleast another 20,000 sold. The kid is rolling in the money whether you liked his book or not.

Also, if we want to talk about maturity levels, I noticed you copy and pasted your review onto amazon.com and i think that was low of you. You're entitled to your opinion but I think you sound like a complete a**hole.

As for the author thinking highly of himself, he has appeared on the broadway stage and is currently recording an album with BMG/Jive. Lets see you do something other then blog about your sad life.

I look forward to reading more of Joshua Dudley's work and hope that people who read your review aren't put off by it. There's a prick in every crowd. Keep writing and performing Joshua!

-Amy L

This was followed minutes by the her comment of:

The Author actually responded to the bad review on amazon, check it out its hilarious! he really made this Liam guy look like an asshole.

-Amy L

It was a mixture shock, surprise, and... well... amusement, to find this comment. Posted four months after the fact, when the same review, albeit slightly edited (I altered the personal dislike of the author comments) was available on amazon.com which the person could've easily responded to there. But no, the girl went to the effort to track down my own personal blog to slander me there.

The only reason the review made it to amazon was because the author had removed it from lulu.com because he disapproved of it. Since I figured this kinda defeated the purpose of a "review" I had to post it elsewhere. In response to blog I posted this:

Wow... way to troll.

Sorry, I didn't realise I was entitled to my own opinion on neither a blog or a review site.

I am shocked, SHOCKED that apparently I'm a complete arsehole for not liking something.

Out of curiousity did you track down the blogs of the other two reviewers who gave the "Lost In Oz" books bad reviews and tear them a new arsehole? You probably should - apparently posting a review is a jerk thing to do. And while I freely admit comments of mine akin to "I do not like you Joshua Patrick Dudley" are potentially a bit far out there considering I've never actually met the guy, these comments are comments left for my own personal blog. Amazon would've let me post them on my review but I choose not to.

You really want to get to shit slinging and I'll bring it. Posting anonymously doesn't completely save you. If you had real guts you would've responded to the amazon.com review, but you didn't, you came here.

Word to the wise - this blog records IP addresses of all anonymous posters.

Let me tell you a story: I HAVE written a book. I decided against self publishing for the time being and am attempting to get published the normal way - to my own surprise I've actually had interest shown in the book. I'm just not publicly spilling and raving to anyone until everything's been solidly agreed on.

Now, a friend of mine actually gave the book a fairly bad review. Went as far to say there wasn't a lot he liked about it, and yeah - that was a little hard to take - but I took the criticism constructively and used to work on the next draft of the book, and in any future books I may write.

As for your comments of "Lets see you do something other then blog about your sad life."


I work in a well paying job, I have a 50 inch plasma television and you know what? I actually LIKE my life. Wouldn't want to change a thing about it. So you can sit here on this blog tearing me a new one because it really doesn't bother me.

Hell, you know what? Since you're obviously going to be my worst critic why don't you give me YOUR contact details and I'll see you a copy of MY book? IF I ever self publish it I will GLADLY encourage you to write a review - good or bad - because a good author can handle bad reviews.

I've got a hunch you're going to come and check this and respond back so go for it.

It appears though, the mysterious Amy L. had figured all they needed to do was attack me personally and then leave, with no response necessary.
Friday, September 19th, 2008
12:38 am
Well that's not exactly going to go over well when my housemate's read it......

The electricity bill has gone up to a whopping $1,491 this month. It has never been that high before I moved in. They're going to know it's me, and I am going to cop so much shit.

Maybe I should find out the last electricity bill and pay the difference. Crap I feel ill now.
Saturday, August 30th, 2008
2:49 pm
On some level that shouldn't be allowed....
After my scathing review of the book "Lost In Oz" by Joshua Patrick Dudley here, I posted a slightly shorter version on the Lost In Oz lulu.com page.

That was a couple of weeks ago and I find today the review has disappeared, along with the only other review on the page. I wonder how many times this has happened?

On some level this shouldn't be an option to authors.... if any one can remove a bad review from then theoretically all the reviews can only be good and biased. That removes the point of a "review" entirely.

And it gets funnier.....

The book I made as a joke last christmas, Santa's Last Christmas, now has rating of one star! Funny considering the only copies bought of it were by myself. Only reason I made it public accessable was to show a few friends who I weren't getting copies for.

Funny stuff. Sign of an author can't take criticism?
Friday, August 15th, 2008
10:05 pm
Lost In Oz......
Okay, firstly before I begin my diatribe, I need to clarify something:


......is an Unaired Pilot staring the hot hot hot Melissa George, I picked up a copy of it from ebay back in 2004 and occasionally enjoy watching it like a movie. It's nice. And also has Mia Sara in it. I would've watched the series, perhaps it NOT being picked up actually make it better in my opinion. Still, a good watch. I hear the majority of it has been uploaded to Youtube, check it out if you've got the time.


......is the one of the single worst pieces of self published fiction I have ever had the displeasure to read. How is it possible that there he thinks so highly of his own work to give himself such a good merits? I'm generally willing to give a lot of self published stuff a go, but this stuff is the exact reason why there is such a stigma against it.

1.) No character development. The characters just appear in Oz. No explanation or reason, and within two pages simply accept it. No realistic "Wait, what the frick is going on here?", no explanation as where they had been moments before appearing in Oz, just they are there. We get no insight into their backgrounds. The first person narrative wasn't used effectively as the author wanted too much to reference what happened to other characters when they split up, and suddenly Dorothy and her gang just turn on the main characters, and the main characters beat the crap out of Dorothy and her gang for...... no apparent reason?
The main characters split up cause of simple disagreement. "We'll find our own way home." The characters say and walk off. Why would ANYONE do this? If something so seriously bizarre like this ever happened to me my first reaction would be to get back to the normal, stay with the normal. So you and four of your best friends end up in Oz? A place which you thought was fictional? Wow - we better SPLIT UP and not hang around with the only other FOUR NORMAL PEOPLE WE CURRENTLY KNOW TO EXIST!
To them their reasoning is simple: "You'll just wait and see, we'll be home before you guys." These characters are meant to be 18. When I was 18 and I suddenly was transported to Oz I'd be sticking with whoever came with me so we could all get the hell home.

2.) Told in the present tense. This is what gave me a headache. The author's insistence one using the present tense, when the past tense was so obviously the tense he should be using. I've read books told in the present tense, they are rare but they are out there and occasionally it does work. It did NOT work here. It didn't even get close to working here, and what was more infuriating was midway through the book the narrative makes a statement that makes no FREAKING sense in the present tense. It reads as follows:

If I Had read the Oz books or even had the slightest inkling about them, I'd have known that this Oz that my friends and I were in was not the REAL Oz anymore, and that our meddling had irrevocably changed it. Who knows WHAT kind of magic replaced kindly old Oscar Diggs with Bastinda, Wicked Witch Of The West, or how our meddling in 1899 changed events even before that point of time in Oz? But I hadn't read the book, nor any of the other books series. And looking back, I really wish I had.

WTF?!?!?! The rest of the book, and I mean the entirety of the book is told in present tense. Eg; "Believe this," Laura screams as she hurls a broken yellow brick from the road towards the witch's face.
What was going through his head? Why did he choose to write in present tense, when he really seemed to want to write it in past tense? WHY?

3.) Mary Sue. Look the term up, Joshua Patrick Dudley. Wikipedia it. Research it. Write a book where you're not the main character. So the main character has the same name as the author. The other main characters have the same names as the friends referenced in the acknowledgments page. (Which may not have been as noticeable if it were at the back of the book.)
So these characters appear in Oz, and it's the author and he's friends! And they interact with the Oz characters, and the fun times they had! Oh, and the author is going to save Oz. The author has written himself into the Wizard Of Oz world 'cause he always wanted to visit there. This is the point where all credibility begins to go out the window. It explains the lack of character development. In the author's mind the characters are real people, because in reality they are real people. The reader doesn't know this. The reader has never met Tamara or Tommy.
So should we care if the wicked witch slaughters them in Oz?

4.) No ending. This is the first part of the story, not the first book in a series. Even in other series, Animorphs, Harry Potter, Twilight, Partners In Time (which btw, is also self published), the first book is a story on it's own. The reader doesn't have to buy the sequel to see it all works out. There is a definite beginning, middle and end. This book doesn't have this. The book just stops. You are expected to read the sequel.

Which is where my real anger begins to ferment. Not only have I just read 156 pages of this self published fanfiction I am no forced to contemplate buying the sequel to see if it ends there. I do not want to buy the sequel. I never want to read another thing by Joshua Patrick Dudley again. But I haven't read the end of this story. I've only read the first part. Is it possible there is some redeeming qualities in the second book? If I'd know it was only "Book One" I would've been less willing to buy the book in the first place. I would've been prepared for this to be the first in a series, but it wasn't. It was

The preview of the sequel is written in the present tense. Which already opens up the problems of the first book. Against my better judgment I ordered the second book, in the vague hope the sequel is an improvement. Imagine my disgust when moments after ordering the next book I received an email telling me: "I want you to know that I am busy working on the third installment of the series currently titled Lost in Oz: Temple of the Deadly Desert."

I don't want to read the third installment. I don't even want to read the second. But the first installment was just that: an installment. Not a book or a story of it's own.

I do not like you Joshua Patrick Dudley. I would not recommend your work to anyone.
Saturday, August 2nd, 2008
12:56 pm
Life, In A Nutshell.....
First lot of rejection letters started rolling in for the book. I expect more. As I've said many times before (though not here) if it doesn't get an actual publisher, I'll self publish it. But there's a stigma on self publishing and a lot harder to get off the ground doing it.

There are some cases where it works, Matthew Reilly jumps to mind, but they are rare and few and far between. HOWEVER - one of my favourite book series, The Partners In Time series, is self published, I like it much so that I cannot even believe an actual publisher hasn't picked it up yet.

As a result of previous series I often scroll the self publishing websites to see if another treasure can be found. Unfortunately I tend to find that the reason the stigma is on self publishing is because of a lot of bad stuff out there. Knight Seeker was pretty bad. I had high hopes for
">Lost In Oz
but am only two chapters in and I'm already disappointed.

Lost In Oz is about about a guy, Joshua, and his friends who find themselves trapped in the world of the Wizard Of Oz. The marketing made it sound interesting... but the main character has the EXACT same name as the author. The friends referenced in the acknowledgements page are the other characters, and so far there is no background to the characters. Not much character developement. Granted I'm only three or four chapters in but the characters just seem to appear Oz, no explanation of how or why they got there.

Also, it's written in the present tense which always seems to mildly irriate me. Although if it's really written I don't seem to notice (I'm pretty Chuck Palahniuk wrote one in present tense... I'm a big fan of Palahniuk.)
Thursday, July 17th, 2008
11:19 pm
Jump The Shark
Zach Braff's leaving Scrubs...... yet they think they're going to do a further season without him?

Haven't producers learnt now, continuing on the show without the main character is generally a certifiable death sentence? That 70s Show, X-Files, Newsradio (RIP Phil Hartman), Northern Exposure.....

Okay, so once in a blue moon they pull it off.
Spin City was actually pretty good with Charlie Sheen. SG1 survived without O'Neill (though there were four main characters there).
The OC didn't die cause Marissa left, they'd already gotten their kiss of death when Josh Schwartz (the creator) took a back seat for Season Three. Season Four was actually surprisingly good, I would even go on a limb to say it was almost as good as Season One. (I did say ALMOST)

But that's seriously all I can think of - look at that: three shows and even that was stretching it. When will people learn. When the main actor exits, quit while you're ahead.
Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
1:18 am
I live at my last place, in Kaleen, for over 7 months. Never really felt like home.

I've lived here at my new place, in Mckellar, for just over a week. It already does.

Current Mood: content
Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
3:08 am
White Noise 2: The Light
I've always had a special place for trashy B-Grade straight-to-dvd sequels, I'm the guy who always insists on watching the latest American Pie movie, argues that on a purely B-Grade level "Cruel Intentions 2" was a funny movie, and - much to the dismay of my friends - insist on giving all Bring It On sequels a look.

"White Noise: The Light" really stunned me though. As in, REALLY stunned me. Here was a movie that was actually BETTER than the original which got released at the cinemas. I am willingly putting my reputation on the line by saying that White Noise: The Light should've been released in the cinemas. Hell - ditch the White Noise title and you have a decent movie in itself. Nathan Fillion steals the show and if nothing else you've got Starbuck to look at.

Awesome, awesome movie. Two thumbs up!
Thursday, March 27th, 2008
5:00 pm
The list of things never to do when asking a girl out (I feel I am okay to divulge information because I've never actually had a girl say "Yes" when I've asked them on a date it stands to reason I figured out what NOT to do):

Never, ever, state your intentions. Too full on. No matter how nervous you get, no matter how badly this whole ask out seems to be going, just sleep dogs lie, so for example:

I told her that we could get tickets to Alyce's show and wondered if she
wanted to go together. Then she paused for a really long time and I
thought considering I'd gone this far I said "Yes, this just an attempt
to ask you out." Then thought for a bit, ashe sked when my party was, I
told her, she said she'd like to hang out as friends, and that she'd
like to go to your Alyce's so she wouldn't have to go alone. Then she'd
said now that she's got my number she'd call me sometime.

This would be what we call a bad example of asking a girl on a date. A phenomenally bad idea. This was horrible. It happened last night. You'd think I'd be over it by now. Apparently not.
Saturday, November 17th, 2007
2:04 am
I woke up this morning...... and there was just this odd feeling. I can't explain it. As the day went on the feeling got worse, and while it may have made a quick fade just after work, moments later it came back in full force.

When I got home the depression had fallen to surprisingly lull. Was it cause I was tired? But if that were the case, how come it had been that way since I woke up?

Anyway, there came a crossroads at one point in the night. Tam had come home, slaughtered out of her mind, encouraging me and my other housemate Donal to come to the party she was at. I had a choice: go to this awesome sounding party or head to Stu & Alyce's place for a couple of drinks and a chat?

I chose the easier option. I always seem to be choosing the easier option recently. I've been doing it for a while. Tonight I regretted it. In retrospect, either option wouldn't have been wise, but neither would staying at home.

That big black feeling was still swelling.

I regretted not going to the party. Not because I was bored at Stu & Alyce's, but because I could always go to Stu & Alyce's, cause that's norm. Regular. Easy. No risk.

No wonder I'm a 23 year old never been kissed virgin.

Now four hours later, Donal's snoozing away in the room next to me, Tam's on the phone to her potential boyfriend, and Liam is still single. Still alone.

I woke up feeling alone.

The party...... would've been different. I wouldn't have known anyone, had a few beers, maybe get along great, but it would've been different than the alternative. I would've met new people, who knows, maybe a girl who's actually deluded enough to actually want to date me. Or make out. Or sleep with me. Or none of the above.

I'm sick of this. I'm sick of repetition. I'm sick of monotony. I'm sick of choosing the easier option. I'm sick of being the nice guy. I'm sick of always finishing last.

I'm sick of.....
I'm sick of.....
I'm sick of me.
Thursday, November 1st, 2007
12:51 am
Mobile Phone Signal Booster
Anyone know if a signal booster for my phone bought from the states will work in my phone? It's the same model. Couldn't find one for my phone on ebay australia. Plenty for similar models Nokia, but none for my exact model.

There were were ones for a 3310, and a 3315, I have a 1112 which has the same sockets as a 3310 & 3315. I know this because I couldn't find a hands free for my model phone but the ones for the other two models I mentioned worked.

Really, I should just order the cheaper one off ebay (about $5) and if that doesn't work try the more expensive model from the states.

The phone reception in my new house sucks for optus.


Okay, so I went for more expensive but from the USA one, under the grounds it matched my exact model number.
Tuesday, August 14th, 2007
8:10 pm
Liam makes the newspapers.....
Hey, there's a story on me in today's Canberra Times. Page 12, in the Today section. Specifically entitled "Ad Sparks Share Of Laughs"

The Allhomes Ad Makes The NewsCollapse )
Saturday, August 11th, 2007
12:58 am
Even More Share House Fun
So, our housemates Stu & Alyce decided to move out. They found a new place, and started looking for a new housemate. Our pretentious housemate Phil took it upon himself to lead the charge in finding a new housemate to fill the room. Unfortunately, Phil is neither tactful or laid back, as a result his share housing ad looked like this:


I know! Completely anal retentive. And he wonders why he's got so little response? I made some suggestions as to alterations that to could be made which he completely shot down. As a result in my amused state I posted a completely, no holds barred ad to allhomes. It was so out there I would never have thought in a million years it would get approved (all ads have to get approved before they appear). I. Was. Wrong.


And want to know the real kicker? I got home from work to find twenty emails awaiting me. Twenty! And to my complete surprise not one of them was slandering me for putting up the ad. Excerpts below:

From: Christian Stevens
To: Liam@cosmicgopherproductions.com

You guys ferkin' rock man, that is the best advert for a house mate I have every read. Hope all goes well with it, me & the lads think you need to post up the some of the response you get from potential applicants because we are pissing ourselves laughing at the thought of some of the shit that you'd have back.

As I said good luck with it guys...


From: Clara
To: liam@cosmicgopherproductions.com

Are you actually getting responses to this ad???

I'm assuming that you now know this is circulating around the world via email at a great rate of knots.

Is this for real or a test to see how fast something like this will circulate?

Either way good luck just wanted to thank you for a good laugh on a Friday!


And this were only two! Not only were people responding with words of encouragement - we actually have legit responses from people inquiring about the room! I know what you're thinking, they're fake, right? I would think that too, but they didn't come from hotmail addresses, or gmail, or yahoo, they came from people with emails based companies and law firms I know. And government departments.

To put the icing on the cake, we have another response. Though I'll admit the legitimacy of this is questionable, but still.....

From: Heidi
To: liam@cosmicgopherproductions.com

I have just been looking at your ad on the Allhomes website.

I have two single friends that would be intersted in meeting up with you guys. They are not looking to move in (no strings attached)

I have two questions for you - are you all single? and are you hot?

Can you please send some photos?

Thanks, Heidi

I'll be damned....
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